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My name is Kristen McCallum. Born and raised in the prairies in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan. 17 years ago my career as a commercial Airline Pilot brought me to Manitoba. My family and I reside in Stonewall, Manitoba where my husband and I are raising our amazing 9 year old son.
As a working woman always on the go, trying to juggle work, family and friends. I realized one day that my life was passing me by.
Through research and personal growth, it became apparent a simple act of mindfulness will improve personal well-being and quality of life.
I wanted to find a way to easily integrate mindfulness into daily life and share with others and with that BALANCE was created.
BALANCE was developed to transform the way you stay hydrated through Mindful Hydration, a daily balance of drinking water and practicing mindfulness throughout your busy day.
The hourly markings on the bottle were carefully selected to remind yourself to drink water, take a break and be present.
Our goal at BALANCE is to help women and men sustain a life of balance.
It's all about BALANCE!
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